Sunday, October 21, 2007

My mummy's cooking

Unlike most mothers who started cooking in their 20s, my mummy only started cooking in her 50s. Nobody taught her how to cook and she doesn't know the computer well enough to search for recipes online. Which makes it all the more commendable that she is able to whip up a meal that I truly enjoy. I can really feel the love she puts into preparing all these dishes.

Sweet and sour pork (10/10)

Yums! One of these days, I am gonna ask her how she did it. :P

Sweet and sour sauce (to go with the pork) - 9/10

Fried beancurd (9/10)

Xiao Bai Nai (7/10)

Just look at the way she presented her dish! Nice right? Though I've got a feeling it wasn't a deliberate effort. :P

Watercress Soup (9/10)

It's really tasty. When I asked her what seasonings she added, she actually said none! Must really watch her cook 'live' someday. :P

I am so glad that I had my dinner at my mummy's place today. I love you, Mummy!


ilovepearly said...

Cooking is fun and for most people, they don't know how to cook. Even for my mum she don't really like cooking and sometimes would even say she can't make many dishes. Though I enjoy cooking and I am craving for some sweet and sour ...yummies!

Food Lover said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. Yep.. cooking can be quite fun. Care to share some of your dishes? ;)