Thursday, November 06, 2008

Crispy Hotdog and Meatballs

I didn't have the chance to buy meat over the weekend and I knew my hubby would not be satisfied (in terms of volume and variety), if I were to serve fried rice and soup only.

So I 'ransacked' my fridge and found some meatballs and hotdogs. *eyes lit up*

  • 1 strip of hotdog cut into bite-sized portions
  • 6 meatballs
  • Flour
  • Egg (beaten)
  • Cream crackers (crushed)

1) Coat the hotdog and meatballs with flour
2) Dip into egg mixture
3) Roll in crushed cream crackers
4) Grill in Healsio for 15 minutes or until it browns.

I was so glad that I tried this because the taste of the hotdog resembled the hotdog fritters I had back in my Primary School days. I have been searching for this food item ever since I left Primary school, but no one cook hotdog the way the stall vendor did. I really didn't expect that I will be able to taste something similar from my own cooking.

I am pretty sure that I am going to try this again soon. :)

Fried Rice with beansprouts

I have been cooking fried rice far too often because my hub kept asking for it. :P For some variation, I added beansprouts to the recipe and it tastes even better with the 'crunch' from the beansprouts. :)

The combi


Jia Hui said...

Hey , I've been a regular at your site . I loved cooking too ! But my mum always scold mi for making her kitchen a mess :( I have done almost 50% of your dishes . And my family was impressed as I was able to cook at the age of 18 :D Share with me more of your recipes :D Can i add you ? i just created a blog a day ago . still having difficulty adding . :(

Food Lover said...

Hey Jiahui! Thanks for being a regular at my blog and for trying so many dishes. I've just read your blog and am glad that the dishes works well for you and your family! ;) I have added you. Feel free to add me too. :)