Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To my readers

Hey everyone,

I am pleasantly surprised to see that I have quite a number of comments during my few months of absence, and that most of the comments are related to Healsio!

Welcome to the world of Healsio, a product that you can rely on for all your cooking! :D

Ooo... don't I sound like a Healsio promoter? Alas I don't get paid for that. Sheesh.

I will try to share photos of dishes that I have cooked recently.

Meanwhile, happy cooking!

p/s: More back-dated posts below.


shuey said...

Hi, welcome back, I miss your posts, hope everything is alright for you.

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Shuey! I am fine. Will be posting some photos soon. I see that you haven't been updating recently too. Keep posting! :)