Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garlic Bread

We had spaghetti for dinner again. Usually that 2 plates of chicken bolognese is not enough for both of us. So I thought of adding an item to the meal - Garlic Bread.

It was a very spontaneous decision and I wasn't very prepared. So I grabbed the minced garlic, spread it over the bread and added some sugar and salt to taste. I set to 'Grill' in Healsio and pull it out when the bread looks lightly crisp.

The end result? Fantastic.

Go try it out some day. It's easy to prepare and the taste is rewarding. :)


Jia Hui said...

Hey ! I saw this Garlic & Herd Spread by McCORMICK in supermarket and thought I should try them ! Oh my they taste heavenly ! It's better when you eat them with Campbell's ! :)

Anyway I've changed my link , I've relinked you though ;)


Food Lover said...

Hey Jia Hui, thanks for the recommendation! Updated my link too. :)

Anonymous said...

chanced upon your blog while doing research for a microwave oven... wow... now you have really convinced me that my choice to get sharp healsio is right! =)