Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Dinner 2008

Time flies.

Cliche as it sounds, I find it so true. This is especially the case for the year 2008. Many things that happened a year ago seemed like it only happened a few weeks or just a month or two ago.

It's the Christmas Eve gathering again...

There was a label to all the sauces when we took it home. Hub poured it into bowls and confidently said that he will remember, when I ask him to paste the labels on the bowl.

As I have guessed, hub couldn't recall two of the sauces later. When his friends asked, he said, 'Just dip'... what a host. >_<"

Sauces (clockwise): Unknown, Cranbarry, Unknown, Black Pepper.

Turkey Breast Meat

Assorted Sausages

Turkey meat with chestnut stuffings

Cheesy sausages (my favourite!)

Honey baked ham

My Agar agar dessert

I did not serve it to the guests as I made a mistake while cooking it. :P Some parts of it are still quite nice, but I really do not want to leave a bad impression... next round perhaps! ;p

It was such a chore cutting the meat into slices and trying to maintain a consistent thickness.

I took a good 0.5 hours to cut the meat and another 1.5 hours to grill and reheat it in batches. By the time everybody was ready for dinner, all the meat reheated earlier on turned cold and it seemed like what I have done earlier has come to naught. :(

Time and effort is one issue, but I feel so bad serving our friends with a cold and 'carnivorous' meal. I seriously think they deserve something better on a Christmas Eve. :P

I ain't sure if I fancy the idea of doing this again next year. A no-frills, all-pizza meal next year, perhaps? >_<"


little prince's mummy said...

Great Xmas Dinner

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Little prince's mummy. It can be better! ;)