Monday, April 30, 2007

Fried Beancurd

Frying Beancurd is actually nothing difficult to accomplish... until you are not frying it in a non-stick pan. However, I came to realise that coating it with flour not only helps to reduce (not eliminate) the 'stickiness' in a normal steel wok, it also enhances the taste by making the beancurd crispier. Definitely worth a try.


  • 2 beancurds cut into four cubes each
  • 5 tbsp corn flour
  • Cooking oil


  • Salt

1) Heat oil in high heat
2) Coat the beancurds lightly with corn flour
3) Dip the beancurds into the heated oil
4) Remove from wok
5) Sprinkle lightly with salt while it is still hot
6) Serve


Anonymous said...

Hi, but I thought the Healsio oven can cook all or most food that are meant for frying, deep-frying and etc? Are we able to 'deep fry' the tou fu coated with flour and some others? How about those like fried chicken too? Any idea how to do that? Thanks.

Another Healsio User said...

Hi, but I thought Healsio can cook all kinds of food meant for deep-frying and frying etc? Can't we 'deep-fry' this beancurd coated with flour in the Healsio oven, and even food like 'fried chicken'?