Friday, April 20, 2007

French Fries

Fries, Glorious Fries - When Dinner is just not enough...

What happens when I do not have enough for dinner and am too lazy to get out of my house to da bao or even take out my pot to cook instant noodles? This.

Fries has always been my favourite since young. I always find it so difficult to resist a packet of fries that, somehow, find its way to me. Most people would pop one into their mouth at any one time, but I would usually do a two or three. They eat fries. I devour. *roar* Yes, I love fries THIS much.

Today, I shall share with you how we can eat fries with less (but definitely not without) guilt. Let Healsio do the magic of cooking fries without oil! Here goes...


  • Packet Frozen Fries
  • Salt


1) Place the fries on the Healsio rack and bake for 40 minutes at 200 degrees*

2) When the fries are ready, sprinkle salt evenly while it is still hot

*It's quite a bit of time, I know. But for a less oily (and thus sinful) snack, it's kinda worth the time. :) To cut down the time, you may want to increase the temperature to 220 degrees. I don't really encourage that though, as the heat will not be evenly distributed and you may get some parts of the fries charred. I know because I have tried that before :P

Geez... as I post this crispy fries photo, I can feel my hunger again. I must resist the temptation to eat at this late hour. *dongz* >_<

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