Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Cook the rice, wrap it in the seaweed together with other ingredients and you've got yourself a sushi. Piece of cake.

That, was how I see sushi making before this evening. And you know what? I will never underestimate the work behind a piece of sushi again. :P

My mom used to say 'Kuar lin gorng ley jia kuay kean'. It means 'it's not as easy as what you think'. Sushi making is sheer hard work. I took a total of 2 hours in what I would think would be a 20-minute affair to prepare the dinner tonight.

Cook the rice and that's it? No way! You gotta mix it with rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt when it is COLD. Hmm... excuse me, how can I wait for it to cool when I need to whip up a meal within 45 minutes after I reach home from work? >_<

Just fill the beancurd with rice and that's an inari? Noo... You gotta boil dashi soup stock, sugar and dark soy sauce and simmer the beancurds in it for 15 minutes.

I wouldn't say that the dinner preparation is complete failure. Afterall,we managed to finish most of the sushi. In fact, I find that the Chawanmushi turned out pretty well! I would give a 80% resemblance to that of sakae's. :) Was so proud of myself on this. Hee!

However, there are still plenty room of improvement for the sushi, especially to my hub, who kept comparing it with the standard of sakae sushi. >_<'''. With the exception of chawanmushi, I will put up only photos to reward my efforts and for record purposes.

Tuna Roll

Crab Stick Sushi

Tamago Sushi


I couldn't find the beancurd skin used for Inari. So I used Tau Pok instead. This is so hilarious! LOL. But, but, it turned out quite nice too. No kidding. I had 3 Inaris in a row.

My hub's wasabi


Look! So smooooth.

  • 250 ml cold dashi soup
  • 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 mushroom (cut into strips)
1) Blend dashi soup, light soy sauce, salt and eggs
2) Strain the mixture into two bowls
3) Add mushroom strips
4) Cover top of the bowl, leaving a small area exposed
5) Steam for 25-30 minutes in Healsio

Ok, I didn't cut it even and nice enough. But aw... just look at the soup residue. Always love that part when I have chawanmushi. Yums...

It will be quite a while before I make sushi again. But it will definitely be so much better than this round. Please say you have the confidence in me. heh! ;)


saoirse said...

Oh, my! Sushi is always my favorite as well as chawanmushi. *yummy* I love cooking just like you. Perhaps we can share some info online. :)

Food Lover said...

Hey Saoirse, Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, we can probably exchange pointers on cooking one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i followed ur receipe on the steamegg but used chicken cube stock instead. texture is real nice and soft except i KS put too many strips of mushroom it tasted abit bitter hee...

Food Lover said...

Cool. I bet the chicken cube can further enhance the flavour further. I should try to add one in my next attempt too.

Thanks for dropping by. :)