Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lemon Chicken

I chanced upon a Philsbury cook book (with recipes filed in a folder) when my hub and I were at the Funan IT mall. I spent so much time browsing the cook book that my hub came over.

"Can I buy this cookbook?" I whispered. "But it's quite expensive - $20"
He immediately said, "of course! $20 is not expensive for such a thick cookbook"

My hub is always very generous with his wallet when it comes to buying things related to my cooking. He would buy almost anything (Oh wells, except for baking products) that I asked for and I always feel very much loved each time he does that. :)

When I went home to scan through the folder, I realised that the recipes were mostly western ones. I felt very upset that I have wasted my hub's money on the book as I doubt I will use it often for cooking dinner.

Nevertheless, I decided to try one of the recipes out so that I would have deemed to use the cookbook, somehow. Lemon chicken seems good so I decided to try that out.

Although we finished up all the lemon chicken on the plate, I wouldn't consider the cooking a successful attempt. My hub doesn't find it crispy enough. >_<>

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